Sonoma Ceramics


Sonoma Ceramics is the North Bay’s premiere public ceramics studio! We are open over 40 hours a week for studio use; fire the 24 cu.ft. Geil reduction kiln weekly; offer cone 04,5,10 and raku firings; 8-week long classes as well as weekend workshops by renowned ceramic professional including Ben Carter, Julia Galloway, Jason Walker, Gail Kendall, Liz Zlot Summerfield, Kala Stein, and more.

Sonoma Ceramics also has an all-inclusive 6-month residency program for emerging artists in ceramics. Visit the website for details.

One Response

  1. Robin Wood says:

    Our family is looking for a ceramic artist to create a commemorative ceramic tablet to be placed on our family homestead property. We envision it to be a paragraph of painted wording about the homestead, as large as can be fired in a kiln, with nature decorating the edges. Do you have a recommendation for who we might hire?
    Robin Wood
    (707) 731-0786