L&L DaVinci kiln for sale

/$$2000 OBO

  • Name: Brad Carter
  • Location: Grass Valley, CA
  • Email:
  • Phone: 5305591212

I bought this special order kiln about 10 years ago for making tall, human-scale sculpture. It has six 9” tall sections that give an interior height of 54”. It is square and 22” x 22”. I replaced the elements a few years ago. It has Type-S thermocouples. It is in good condition. I have used it exclusively for bisque and cone 6 firing, but it is rated for cone 10. I paid about $8000 for it and has been great for making tall single-piece garden sculptures. Lately I have been firing it with just four sections because I have been mostly producing functional ware. Call me if you’re interested. This kiln needs to be sold within the next couple weeks because I am moving.

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  1. Glenn Husted says:

    Hello Brad,

    is this kiln still available?

    Like to come and look at it…

    I’m down in Penn Valley: 446-4361

  2. Gary says:

    Is this still available? What is the required electrical service rating? Amps? Can you ‘easily’ adjust the number of sections to accommodate different firing heights, or is it a complex electrical/mechanical modification? What controller is on your 10 yr. old kiln? Kiln-sitter . . . programable?

    • Brad Carter says:

      This kiln is still available. I used it for production of functional ware for the 2019 holiday season. I ordered a new Bailey front-loading kiln, so my top-loading L&L needs to find a new home. The kiln is built for 240V, single phase electrical. It pulls 97.5 AMPs when using all six 9”-tall sections and It requires a 125 AMP circuit breaker. But you don’t have to use all six sections. I normally use just four sections. You can use as few as three and as many as six. Contact meat 530-559-1212 if you are interested

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