L&L X2354-D electric kiln $5000


  • Name: Brad Carter
  • Location: Grass Valley, CA
  • Email:
  • Phone: 5305591212

This kiln is 22” x 22” inside. It has six 9” tall sections. I usually use four sections for my firings, but sometimes add the other two for taller sculpture work. When all six sections are used there is an interior height of 54”— great for tall sculpture. This kiln has heavy-duty S-type thermocouples and is rated for cone 10. But I have only used it for cone 6 firings. I have replaced the original wire heating elements once. The kiln has been fired about 50 times total over the last 10 years. I am moving and will be setting up a new studio with a smaller kiln. Otherwise, I would just keep using this kiln, which operates without problems. It has a Dyna-trol electronic control panel.

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