SLAB ROLLER: Heavy Duty Portable Tabletop Adjustable No Shim

/$$400, shipping $50 to US (except Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico)

This clay slab roller is a wonderful pottery tool. It is a heavy duty portable tabletop slab roller with an all steel frame and drive system, with a moving work table surface of 25 inches long by 18 inches wide. It has independent gap adjusters covering a thickness range of 0 to over 1 inch, so no shims are required. Four complete turns on the adjusters produce about 1/4″ thick slab of clay. Since the adjusters are independent you have the ability to make wedge shape slabs, if you like. This feature also makes it possible to emboss the clay surface right on the machine. Since this is a table top model, it is portable (overall dimensions 32″L X 24″W X 5.5″H not including the handle, and weighs about 35 lbs). It fits on a table as small as a 24″ X 24″ and can be easily stored on its side maximizing studio space. This slab roller has increased my efficiency and slab thickness consistency.

Following is a link to a Youtube video showing it in operation. Note: The handles on the screw jacks will differ from the ones seen in the video.

My husband began building and selling these slab rollers about six months ago and he has sold over 30 of them. He designed and built the first one for me. The reasonably priced portable models available commercially were light duty and we didn’t think they would hold up very well for production work. I also didn’t like using shims to change the clay thickness. I emboss some of my hand built pieces and the shim units don’t allow fine enough adjustments to the working gap. Due to a lack of space (my husband’s workshop and my studio share our two car garage, so space was at a premium), we were looking for a portable sized unit, but with the strength and features of the very expensive full sized floor models. The design we settled on is based on my experience with typical art studio slab rollers and my husband’s manufacturing engineering background. We feel that this design covers those requirements at a fraction of the price and with a portable size. The reviews are outstanding and the sales have far exceeded our expectations. Call or email me with questions or to see the reviews.

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