Free Ceramic Molds of All kinds… Hundreds of Molds !


  • Name: Jose Jimenez
  • Location: Stockton, Ca
  • Email:
  • Phone: 209-612-0566

Hi these molds are FREE ! I am giving them away because I am buying a bigger home next year and can’t take them with me nor can I leave them behind. I would like to give them all to one person or a non-profit but if that does’nt work I’ll give them to you and your friends. I have at lease 2,000 molds at my property new and used ! Please call me to set up a appointment. I would like to get a gruop of people out here on the same day. Thanks !

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  1. John de Fazio says:

    Hello Jose,

    I am a professor at the San Francisco Art Institute and I teach ceramic slip-casting and mold making.My students use commercial molds to utilize parts for unique sculptures. A new inventory would be inspiring. I’m interested in your donation, when were you planning to move out the molds ? Classes are almost over but perhaps I could arrange for a truck with some students.
    Thanks for your time,
    John de Fazio

  2. John says:

    hi how are you My name is John iam looking for some molds for pottery blow how must are you asking what kinds of molds you have can you give me a call @ 505-567-8202

  3. John Rhodes says:

    To Whom it may Concern. I spin pottery at a free to use studio in San Francisco. They would love some molds as I possibly would like some if possible

    It is called the Hospitality

    Write me if you like.

    Yours Truly,
    John Rhodes

  4. John Rhodes says:

    The link to the hospitality Houses email didn’t work above It is

  5. cindy says:

    Do you still have your ceramic molds for free I am trying to get something started in stockton for the children and teens of stockton times are hard and there is no money for them to do anything due to shutdowns of centers. There are many troubled youth because of this.I want to start a ceramic shop to support a non profit outreach for the youth and will include ceramics.Even if you have only a few molds left or supplies i will take anything you have left.

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