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HELLO, we are a ceramic club in Union City in dire need of a supply store selling greenware or bisque pieces already made. Most of the shops we used to do business with are out of business. I have about ladies wanting some new things to do. We do have hundreds of molds but are always looking for something new to do.I even thought about classes or training for new techiques would be great, these are very motivated ladies.If you know of other shops around the area, (we are willing to take day trips) could you e-mail me with a list of names. Oh that would be great I do know of San Francisco, Santa Clara and Berkley> I remember a good one in Lodi, is that still opened? Any way anything you can suggest other than places to order by mail would be appresheated greatly, Thank you for your time… Melody Peterson president of THE TROPIC’S CERAMIC CLUB IN UNION CITY, CA

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  1. Terry Christensen says:

    Hi I don’t have green where a bisque but I have a shed filled with molds you’re more than welcome to come look through, That would at least give you new things to poor for the ladies I live in San Lorenzo and they’re free. Email me if you’re in Interesting

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